The dewclaws in the Perro de Presa Canario

     On this subject I wrote in the past, considering paramount. In some breeds the dewclaws is considered big defect ,in others -minority- not. Dewclaws in Spanish mastiffs are like a hallmark, which does not mean that some Masstiff don’t have them. The same happen with the  Perro de Ganado  Majorero (livestock guardian dog). The dewclaws, even double in the hind limbs, were and still are, a sign of racial purity, which disappear as far as the breed is ceasing to be such by crossbreeding with other dogs.

    Well, in the Standard of the Presa Canario, in paragraph “ORIGINS AND DISTRIBUTION OF THE BREED”, we read, <>. In the Canary Islands we have always taken for certain that assertion. But the reality is quite different. The vast majority of the dogs  “type presas”  that are bred in the Canary Islands, and  in the rest of the  world, have nothing to do with the Perro de Ganado Majorero. They have to do with many other breeds, but not  the native canine of Fuerteventura. Therefore the vast majority of the Presa Canario, like the dogo canario , born without dewclaws. But be careful to not deem defective those that born with dewclaws. Actually this peculiarity is telling us that in the veins of those dogs is circulating blood of the old, rustic, majorero dog.

    Is well known that in the veins  of my dogs runs the blood of the majorero, and for that reason some of the presas that are born and are sold by in IREMA Curto Kennels, have dewclaws.

    I do not see the problem in the dewclaws  inherited racial feature by the  Majorero Dog, but yes the absence of this breed in the Canarian molosser.

Manuel Curtó

Tenerife, 11 de December de 2014


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