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Reserve your Presa Canario puppy.

If you are a responsible owner, you know that having a new furry companion takes some time and money. At Irema Curtó we make it easy for you. By pressing the following button you can start the process.

General information.

We are the oldest Presa Canario kennel in the world and creators of the first draft of the breed standard. At Irema Curtó Kennels, we have been selecting complete, functional and healthy dogs since 1975. Ideal both for work, as for guarding and defense, or for the family.

The cost of a 3-month-old puppy from our kennel is 3000€ + separate shipping costs. We ship worldwide if the country’s situation allows it.

Payment methods.

You have several ways to pay for your dog depending on your needs. They would be the following:

1. Full payment: by making a single payment, you will enter the waiting list directly, also receiving a discount of 200€ for prompt payment.

2. Half payment: you can enter the waiting list by booking with 1500€, which would be half the cost of the puppy. At the time of exporting the dog, you must make the payment of the second half, being completed.

3. Payment in installments: this form is ideal if it costs you to save and you are determined to have a dog from our kennel. The total amount of the dog will be divided into 12 months, having to pay 250€ each month, through the payment gateway. You will be put on the waiting list when you have been paid for 9 months. At any time you can complete the entire payment in one go. 

Operation of the reserve.

We are very experienced breeders, we are with the puppies every day, we see how they behave and how they develop. On the basis that we breed the best possible quality, and that we are very strict, we also want to provide our customers with the best possible dog that meets their needs.

Depending on the type of payment you have made, you will enter a waiting list. Puppies will be delivered according to the order of the waiting list, and the characteristics of the dogs born, taking into account the descriptions provided by the clients. This means that the more specific the request, the longer it will take to deliver the dog, and that the less specific it is, the less it will take (it is not the same to ask for a specific coat with skills for intensive work, than to request a Presa Canario for the family , regardless of the layer). Understanding this, there is also no option to have the first choice of the litter.

Full warranty for 1 year.

All puppies are sent at 3 months of age, having been dewormed, with the rabies vaccine, with a microchip, a passport and a veterinary health certificate that specifies that the dog is in perfect condition. In addition to this, we give a 1-year guarantee to replace the dog if it presents some type of genetic defect that prevents a normal life.

Parents tested.

We are very strict with hip dysplasia, therefore, all males and females destined for reproduction in our kennel have been hip x-rayed, only grades A and B being accepted. We breed healthy and functional dogs, this means that all of our specimens have good character and follow the standard of the Perro de Presa Canario.

Pedigree registry.

The dog you receive will have a Presarve pedigree, according to which the dog has been selected under the breeding criteria of the original 1989 standard. Its a 100% digital pedigree, and you will be able to see the entire genealogy of the dog on

Shipment management.

We take care of shipping the dog to the client’s country of residence. Shipping costs must always be paid by the customer, as they are not included in the cost of the dog. We will always choose the best option in which the cost of shipping and the safety of the animal is balanced. We have many years of experience exporting dogs, so we know the regulations of most countries.

Operation Warning.

In the event of having made a reservation with any of the payment methods, and deciding not to continue with the obtaining process, Irema Curtó Kennels WILL NOT MAKE A REFUND OF THE AMOUNT. Dog breeding is a very complicated process, so customers must be trustworthy and fulfill their obligation when it comes to wanting to get a dog. It should not be a spontaneous decision, but something premeditated.