Presa Canario home since 1975

At Irema Curtó Kennels we have been breeding the authentic Perro de Presa Canario since 1975. Hemso took part in some of the most important events for the breed, such as the creation of the first standard project in the late 70s, participation in the creation of the 1989, admission of the Presa Canario to the UKC, main preservers of the black cape and much more.

We are the oldest breeders of Presa Canario in the world. If we are in the position we are in after almost 5 decades, it is thanks to our selection philosophy. We breed dogs thinking that they are as complete and versatile as possible. We want our dogs to live with families, or people who want to have a quiet life, and when the dog has to work, work. In short, a dog for real life. We pay close attention to the dog's structure, temperament and health. We only breed with dogs that are within the 1989 standard, mentally stable and in excellent health. All specimens destined for reproduction have hip x-rays with grade A or B and are certified by AVEPA or SETOV. We also pay attention to small but vital details such as: full mouths, thick hair, rusticity, good angulations, zygomatic arch, flower pots, etc. By getting a copy from our kennel, you will be obtaining a dog of the highest quality.

Manuel Curtó Gracia, the founder of the hatchery has written 3 books. The first is called "El Perro de Presa Canario, its true origin" published in 1991. It is the book with the most historical content on the creation of the breed. No book remains of the first edition. In 2014 we made a digital reissue to make it available to everyone. It can currently be read at this link.

In 2003 the second book came out, under the Kennel Club edition. It is in English, and it is a guide on the care of the Presa Canario. This book was mainly sold in the USA. Some examples can still be found, but they are being auctioned on the internet for large sums (around $1000).

In 2009, the publisher "Hispano Europea" bought the rights to the 2003 book and made a version of the book in Spanish. It has the same content as the Kennel Clubs book.

We are currently preparing a physical extended version of the 1991 book. It will be available soon.

Articles that have been published for almost 5 decades were available on this website. However, as it is part of the Presa Canario heritage, we decided to move it to the Presarve museum. All our works will be published there. You can see the museum by clicking here.

On Manuel Curtó Sr.'s channel you can see quite a few dense videos about the Presa Canario, its selection and history. Highly recommended for anyone who really wants to learn about the breed. The content is all in Spanish. You can see it at this link.

On Manuel Curtó Jr.'s channel you can see narrated videos about the characteristics of the Presa Canario, dog breeding and current affairs. In a channel aimed at all audiences and in a humorous but forceful tone. Despite being in Spanish, it has English subtitles. You can see the videos at this link.