Home of the Original Presa Canario Dog

We are in Tenerife, birthplace of the Perro de Presa Canario along with Gran Canaria. We are the oldest kennel of this breed in the world, and creators of the first draft of standard, our ancestors being a large majority of existing Presa Canario lines.

Talking about the Presa Canario

A collection of long-term videos about the Presa Canario Dog, made by Manuel Curtó Gracia

For private clients, Irema Curtó Kennels generates her own digital pedigrees, in which the entire genealogy of the specimens can be seen.

Breeders can acquire official pedigrees from the American United Kennel Club in order to register their litters from Irema Curtó Kennels. Individuals can also obtain their UKC pedigree by paying an extra fee at any time.

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