Irema Curtó Kennels reputation is the result of many years of work. Many people are unaware that the sale of pets between individuals is prohibited, and although it is a practice that exists, it is illegal.

A professional breeder is subject to a series of conditions to be able to practice his profession. Breeder license, adequate facilities, sanitary controls, taxes, registration, etc.

Those who are dedicated to the sale of pets usually do not comply with the legislation that regulates this activity. 

Not all the specimens that we leave at our kennels are later destined for reproduction. With some frequency the puppy that is left for the breeding plan, once adult does not have the quality that was expected to be a reproducer for the improvement of the breed, with which it must be discarded with the consequent economic cost, time and dedication.

Breeding with a specimen that has not passed the requirements to be a reproducer, can jeopardize the prestige of Irema Curtó Kennels and the durability of the breed.

In order to preserve our line of Presas Canarios de Irema Curtó, whoever wants to carry out an economic activity with them, such as the breeding and sale of puppies, will have to follow the same guidelines that we apply in Irema Curto Kennel, such as using only specimens free of dysplasia, without lack of premolars, good forelegs, character, temperament, guard instinct,mental balance, etc.

Said that, whoever wants to benefit financially from our specimens may do so, but under different conditions than a private client, who wants their pet for their personal enjoyment and as a family member. 

So, when accepting terms and conditions at the moment of your purchase, you must do it in the corresponding category:


  • Family dog buyers
  • Breeders





1. We work with a waiting list, so the selection of puppies will be made in order of the position on the list, and under the recommendation of the breeder, taking into consideration the requirement of the future owner that was described in the purchase form.

2. Deposits must be made with half of the total amount of the dog, these being NON-refundable, but can be transferable to future planned litters.

3. Balance must be paid before 10 weeks to be able to be sent the puppy at 12-16 weeks. Puppies that are not paid before 10 weeks will be put up for sale again, keeping the reservation for a next litter, but being added to the waiting list queue.

4. With regard to the physical appearance of the dog, we are only responsible for supplying the customer with a dog that has the general characteristics indicated, for example: black coat, light brindle, dark brindle, golden brindle, fawn etc. We cannot meet the requirement of delivering a specimen with specific characteristics of the type: black without a spot on the chest, dark brindle with white legs, brindle with a mask above the eyebrows, etc. As far as possible we try to please the client, but we do not control the nature, so if puppies are offered to choose from, with the general characteristics indicated, and they are rejected, the buyer will not lose the reservation, but will return to the queue on the waiting list, regardless the time elapsed from the reservation.

5. In case that a customer for any reason, cannot receive a puppy on the schedule, the reservation will be kept, but they will return to the queue of the waiting list.



1. All the dogs that leave our kennel are in an optimal state of health, traveling with a veterinary card or passport which reflects both internal and external deworming, the rabies vaccine and a health certificate valid for 10 days that determines that the dog is in perfect condition and is suitable for travel.

2. The dog will NOT receive vaccinations other than Rabies, which is the only one required for travel, except for countries that require some other vaccine in their regulations.

3. The Buyer will be given information about the diet that his puppy should have prior to receiving it, this being of vital importance for the correct development of the dog until the adult age.



1. All Irema Curtó’s dogs are registered with the UKC (United Kennel Club) in the name of Manuel Curtó Richini-Fuster, as well as the microchip that the buyer will later put in his name. Any change not authorized by IKC in the information on the microchip, or deletion of the microchip, would revoke the right to the guarantee.

2. The new owner will not sell or transfer the animal without previously notifying Irema Curtó Kennels, reserving them the right to accept the transfer of the dog.

3. If in any circumstance, the Buyer cannot take over the ownership of the dog, the Buyer guarantees that Irema Curtó Kennels will be the first to have the right to keep the dog. The return will be made together with the dog’s correctly completed ICK or UKC Pedigree, and the Buyer will be responsible for paying the shipping costs generated.

4. In NO event will the specimen be sent to an animal shelter, humanitarian service or any type of animal rescue service.



1. The 3-month-old puppies leave our kennel in perfect condition and with a veterinary health certificate. Only the specimens that present some type of serious genetic malformation that prevents a normal life during the following 365 days will be replaced, counting from the day of birth of the puppy. To do this, they must present X-rays if they exist and a sealed veterinary statement, detailing the disease suffered by the specimen. This information will be verified by our veterinarian in order for us to have a final verdict.

2. People who buy a 3-month-old puppy will only be aware of the certifications of the parents, which are grade A and grade B, and they do not have the right to replacement due to the appearance of hip dysplasia. In the event that they would like to be certain that they are buying a free- dysplasia specimen, they should do so with a 7-8-month-old dog with the preliminary X-ray.

3. The Buyer will be responsible for paying the shipping costs for the receipt of the replacement puppy.

4. The puppy received in replacement will be similar to or superior to the puppy replaced. It will be of the same coat, sex, and age.



1. The Buyer is obliged to use the original name of the dog in official documents, pedigrees and records, this being of the type “Name de Irema Curtó”

2. The Buyer is obliged to give the puppy a correct diet throughout its life, especially during the development period, also to provide necessary exercise, and a clean and conditioned area to live in.

3. A Buyer who is not a breeder, will not receive an official UKC pedigree. Instead, you will receive a pedigree from Irema Curtó Kennels. If you want a UKC pedigree, check point 6.



1. All shipping costs for the reception of the puppy must be paid by the customer. Shipping costs are understood to be: flight, carrier,veterinary documents (other than passport, rabies and microchip), management, etc.

2. In case that the puppy has to stay more days in the kennel after reaching the travel age, the client must pay € 15 for each day that the puppy spends in the facilities. If the puppy spends more than 2 months in the kennel (except for special circumstances), the customer will have lost the entire purchase. The dog will not leave the kennel until it has been paid for the totality of days that it has remained in the facilities.



1. If mistreatment or negligence by the Buyer is reported to the specimen acquired, its possession will automatically be revoked and the dog will have to return to the Irema Curtó Kennels facilities, being the buyer the one who has to pay the relocation costs of the dog. The Buyer will be invalidated for life for the purchase of a presa canario from our kennel.

2. Irema Curtó Kennels prestige, is the result of many years of work. Breeding with a specimen that has not passed the requirements to be a reproducer, can jeopardize the prestige of Irema Curtó Kennels and the durability of the breed. Recognizing the intrinsic value of the name of our kennel, and the difficulty in calculating the damages caused by the breach of the contract, the Buyer agrees to pay Irema Curtó Kennels the amount of 3000€, per litter born as a result of any crossing outside the parameters of this contract, in case you want to register such litter in an official registry.