Irema Curtó Pedigree for non-breeders.

In accordance with the Terms and Conditions for the purchase of a puppy from our kennel, buyers who are not going to use their dog for breeding, will receive a Pedigree from Irema Curtó Kennels. The prices would be the following:

Puppies 3-4 months: 3000€ + shipping costs.

7-8 month-old puppies with preliminar hip X-ray: 6000€, 7000€ in case of black coat, + shipping costs.

Reservations for puppies aged 3-4 months will be made with half the amount (1500€) through the payment gateway on the desk. You can access your desktop here.

UKC Pedigree for breeders.

Option 1: Puppy 3-4 months old: 4200€ + shipping costs. UKC pedigree.

Option 2: 7-8 months old puppy with preliminary X-ray and UKC pedigree: 6000€, 7000€ black coat + shipping costs. (Recommended)

Option 3: Reproducers from Irema Curto Kennels stock, 10-24 months. 9000€ + shipping costs.

See Terms and Conditions for breeders.

  1. We work with a waiting list, so the choice of puppies will be made respecting the position on the list, and under the recommendation of the breeder, taking into account the needs of the client described in the purchase form.
  2. Deposits must be made with half the total amount of the dog, these being NOT refundable, but they can be transferable to future planned litters.
  3. The puppies must be paid before 8 weeks to be able to be sent with 10-12weeks. Puppies that are not paid before 8 weeks will be put up for sale again, keeping the reserve for a next litter, but being added to the waiting list queue.
  4. With regard to the physical appearance of the dog, we are only responsible for supplying the client with a dog that has the general characteristics indicated, for example: black coat, light bardine, dark bardine, golden bardine, etc. We are not obliged to deliver a specimen with specific characteristics of the type: black without blemish on the chest, dark bardino with white legs, bardino with mask above the eyebrows, etc.
  5. We cannot control the nature, so if a puppy with the general characteristics indicated is rejected, the client will not lose the reservation, but will return to the queue of the waiting list, regardless of the age of the reservation.
  6. In the event that a customer is unable to receive a puppy on the scheduled date for whatever reason, their reservation will be kept, but they will be repositioned in the queue of the waiting list.

You can see more information about this in Terms and conditions.

You will be redirected to a form in which you can detail the type of dog you are looking for. Once completed, we will contact you with a response regarding availability and estimated lead time.

Since 2002 all our dogs are registered with the American UKC. We were the first to register dogs in this corporation. Breeders receive an official UKC pedigree. Private customers will receive a pedigree from Irema Curtó Kennels.

Depending on the country of destination, they can be delivered between 3 and 4 months of age.

The puppies will travel with a European passport which contains both external and internal deworming, microchip, rabies vaccine and clinical examination. They will not have other vaccinations other than rabies.

All the information regarding the guarantee for the purchase of a specimen from our kennel is extensively described in Terms and conditions.

Since 2018, cutting of the tail and ears has been prohibited in Spain, so it would not be possible.