From whom did i learn the most as a breeder

From whom did i learn the most as a breeder. I really like the working German Shepherds, the good ones of course, and if they are the grey lineage (if I remember correctly this is the name given to the original German Shepherd) even better. In the days before Internet I travelled to Germany to […]

The custom Perro de Presa Canario don’t exist.

The custom Perro de Presa Canario don’t exist. Like any other breeder, I receive all kinds of emails and I normally answer them all, because it´s my duty (or they are answered by my collaborator Valeria, or my son Manuel Curtó junior, who is doing a marvelous job in benefit of the breed and our […]

A little history is a good thing

Un poco de historia nunca viene mal. Looking back in time and at one´s history is never a bad thing. This is my story, of how I arrived in the Canary Islands and how my enthusiasm for the Canary dogs was born. I lived in Barcelona, Spain, and as circumstances would have it, I met […]

The Presa Canario and “Dog fights”

The Presa Canario and “Dog Fights” This afternoon, I received a message by WhatsApp from a young man in Peru, asking, and I quote, “Sir, have you any video material of dog fighting?” To which I replied, “No, I´m not interested in that sort of thing”. In my understanding, dog fights or “pechadas” as they […]

Dog shows and the Presa Canario

Those who already know me, and have read my articles along the years, know that I´m not a lover of dog shows. The reason? Because they are the death penalty for the useful dog. It´s true that dog shows have the right to exist, of course they have! Dog shows are very popular all over […]

Health in the Presa Canario Dog

The Presa Canario is a working dog. In fact, all breeds, originally, have been bred and selected to fulfill functions of hunting, herding, guarding, etc., and of company, obviously, all dogs have been since their domestication. The domesticated wolves already fulfilled the function of accompanying the humans with whom they lived. For those who do […]

What do we understand as the “typical” Presa Canario

Not just a few experts (maybe it would be better to put the word experts in inverted commas) talk about whether it´s typical or not typical this or that Presa Canario in rusticity, or if this or that breed has expression, features, traits, tail, balance, movement, bark, etc., etc., “the Perro Majorero, can´t you see?’, […]