The work of the breeder of the Presa Canario

The work of the breeder of the Presa Canario

There are two types of breeders, the amateur and the professional, both are tremendously important in the breeding and selecting of the canine breeds.

The amateur is he who has a profession or a job and in his spare time breeds dogs maybe only one breed or maybe more than one, as a hobby or to sell the puppies.

The professional is he who is dedicated exclusively to breeding one or several breeds and earns his living from this activity.

It´s indispensable to have a wide knowledge of the subject, of the standard of the breed and to have a viable plan to be able to successfully breed and select.

Without these three ingredients, the breeder is blindfolded and consequently will not produce any quality animals at all.

For this reason, studying is very important, studying about everything that has  anything to do with the canine world in general, about nutrition, about diseases, about canine genetics, about training Then put this knowledge into practice and have a clear idea about the type of training that is most convenient for our breed in function of its capabilities and the use that it will have.

We must think about ethics, a breeder without ethics will have a negative repercussion on the breed that he produces.

Regrettably, the way I see it, ethical breeders with a good education, and respect for the future of the breed they are producing, are few and far between.

The serious, responsible breeder has an objective, a dream, that is none other than the dog that boasts quality, regularity in the breed, etc., that is described in the standard and that is, as has been pointed out, the breeder´s guide.

There are too many makeshift breeders, too many impromptu breeders of the Presa Canario whose goal is just to make money in as short a time as possible.

I remember an instance in Madrid, many years ago, a dog dealer and disciple of dog shows said “Listen Curtó, right now the Golden Retriever is in fashion. I will buy all the puppies you can breed and we´ll make a fortune”.

This type of person has a negative influence over all canine breeds, and even more over breeds like the Presa Canario that is still in process of formation.

Another question to keep in mind! To breed quality, it´s necessary to invest in quality and quality has to be sought out wherever it may be.

It is known that I breed German Shepherd dogs and have done so for the last forty years, working German shepherds from the best lines. I love the really good animals and I purchase them in Germany for reproduction from the unquestionably best lines. If I acquire puppies, I observe them as they grow and if I see any that I don´t like, they do not enter in my breeding plan. Only the really good animals should be used in reproduction.

To breed good Presa Canarios it´s necessary to use the best females and the best males. However, not all males can be used for all females.


Manuel Curtó Gracia Tenerife,

18 December 2014

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