The Presa Canarios of Irema Curtó around the world

The Presa Canarios of Irema Curtó around the world

This morning while we were cleaning our horse´s stables, my son Manuel told me that he had seen several pages on the web, regarding the Presa Canario and many of the dogs on these pages were from Irema Curtó. These pages had their origins in Europe and north America. Truthfully, I´m not a great user of Internet, however, I believe that the new technologies are a great invention, and implement for today´s work but my world is more of a natural character, my dogs on one side and my horses on another, absorb most of my life and my time.

So, entering into internet, we began to see Presa Canarios from Irema Curtó, quite a number in fact. I felt really happy to see them, I sold them all as puppies and given the time that has passed I could only recognize them by their names. Most had the brindle coats but there were also black ones and all had the characteristics that I prefer, robust, compact, quite a lot with strong temperaments, at least they appeared to be, seen on the web. I didn´t expect to see so many Irema Curtó animals in hands of enthusiasts, unconditional lovers of the breed and I was reminded of when I began my journey in this project with Piba and Bobby and of everything that had happened, generation after generation, the battles fought to establish the Presa Canarios a breed that is useful to man and the society.

Later, reflecting on what I had seen, I realized how much there is still to do. I believe that the majority of the Presa Canarios don’t measure up as working dogs and the cause is none other than the selection made of males and females in the reproduction. The Presa Canario prototype should have the typical coat and robustness of body and character as well as functionality. We have to understand that the male contributes only fifty per cent, and the female the other fifty per cent. The breeders –and we are all breeders if we breed just one litter per year or twenty- we need some knowledge  of canine genetics. All too often, we improvise in breeding, we put in a lot of illusion but little knowledge. Not all the puppies that breeders sell are suitable for reproduction, only those animals that combine the qualities that we consider necessary to produce good offspring. A puppy is a project, not a high level reproducer. On reaching maturity, it will or won´t be included in our breeding plan. Reverting back to what has been said before: the prototype of the breed, correct morphology, correct dentition, correct bite, healthy elbows and hips, temperament, psychological balance, guarding instinct, etc.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of breeders of the Presa Canario throughout the world, and I use the word majority, not all, don´t value these characteristics sufficiently, therefore there is very little to be done to improve the breed. The future of the Presa Canario depends on its selection, the same as the future of the German Shepherd, the Malinois just to name two working dogs. Of course, breeders ( true breeders not the bunglers who are only out to make a quick dollar), of these two breeds faithfully follow the imposed selection model.

What selection model have the Presa Canario breeders imposed?

Are you a breeder? If so, have you imposed a selection model? Think well and act as a responsible breeder.


Manuel Curtó Gracia Tenerife

31 December 2014

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