Letter to Nehuel and Mencey

    Dear friend Nehuel: I call you friend due I saw in some of your replies to Mencey that you defends me like breeder and theoretician of the Presa Canario..

    Made this courteous and pertinent introduction, I want to say that I never liked the pseudonyms (writers and poets, men and women had used it, but not by whim but due social, cultural and political imperatives, that in Spain no longer is justified since the democracy consolidated and everybody can expose their ideas, as long as them are not acompanied by boms and shot in the nape.

    In all honesty, I distrust of the people who hide themselves behind pseudonyms, and, much more, when those people talk about other people by doing so with lies, critics, defamation, etc.

    How different would things if everybody show the face, or write giving the name with the last names, telephone and address, not with the aim to go to their house to kick them when they said something against us that does not have to do with the reality, but so that all we know who they are and where they live.

    Mencey said about me (I do not know who is Mencey), that “here in the Islands he dont have too much prestige” …”he has some doggies but…” ask to the Club about Irema Curtó and you will see what they tell you…”, “he is the one that is against the Club due he wants to change the Standard”

    I deduce that Mencey is presero of new generation and, like neophyte, faithful follower of the teacher of all of them (the unconditional ones of the Club) Manuel Martín Bethencourt.

    I want to inform you that when several years ago the Spanish Television in the Canary Islands wanted to make the first reportage about the Presa Canario dog, by recommendation of other preseros, they came to see me, they did not go to the Club. When the reportage was almost finish (lacked only the sound), there was change in the cupola of the TVE in the Canary Islands and all the work (that was produced, supervised, etc. by Cirilo Leal) remained for the posterity in the file of unfinished reportages of TVE.

    When the directors of the Italian magazine Pitbull and fighting Dogs (now Canidapresa) came to the Canary Islands with the purpose of documenting themselves to make a reportage about the Perro Presa Canario, they came to my house so that I lend them a hand with their work. After long conversation, I said them that if they wanted to make a complete reportage they must visit also the directors of the Spanish Club of the Presa Canario, but they refused, (I do not know why).

    When Juan Rodriguez and Alfredo Ayala, of Spanish Television in the Canary Islands, wanted to make a reportage of the Presa Canario, they came to my house to speak with me-,apparently who had spoken them about me was the professor of the university institute of Gran Canaria, Don Francisco Suárez Artiles, author of the inapreciable dictionary of guanche´s vocable, Teberite.

    During the conversation (first conversation) I said them the same thing, that they must take in consideration the Club of the Presa Canario, and also the directors of clubs of Gran Canaria, that although were not recognized by the Royal Central Canine Society of Spain, something would have to say about the Presa Canario.

    Throughout my activity (26 years) like breeder of Presa Canario, the different mass media like daily press, radio and television, have resorted to me for explanations, commentaries, debates, etc. about the breed (at “La Cope” (radio) I made numerous programs related to the breed).

    I want to state also, that I never have been against the officiality, neither of the Royal Central Spanish Canine Society, of which I have been memeber for more of a quarter of century, nor of the Spanish Club of the Presa Canario, yes against most of the directors, and of Manuel Martín Bethencourt, by what he means (he is the head) within that Mafia – like someone of the Royal Central Spanish Canine Spanish denominates them -.

    And about the Standard of the breed, with exeption of some small lagoons and some details, very important ander my point of view, as they are the lack of premolares, the prognatismo (undershot bite), etc. I think that is good, and so I had declared it in my writings. Who is not in agreement with the present standard is Manuel Martín Bethencourt (and, by their influence, all those that follow him, and flatter him so that their dog become the next champion) that complete refuse the black coat under the argument that this color is result of crossings with Great Dane.

    I say that well, that to some presas canarios the black coat would come by the black Great Dane like the fawn coat that many presas canarios inherits it from fawn Great Dane (I can demonstrate it when they want and where they want presas that descends, in part, from fawn Great Dane). And is an unquestionable reality that in the same litters where they appear puppies of black coat there are also of fawn coat, brindle or bardina. The moderately intelligent fan who knows of what I speak, will realize that those puppies of black coat are so Presas Canarios like the fawns ones and the brindles ones.

    If by reasons of racial purity is necessary to eliminate the puppies of black coat due they descend from the Great Dane, it would be necessary to eliminate also all the others, and then we would be in front an inevitable dilemma, this mean an alternative between two possibilities, to abandon the reconstruction (or construction) project of the Presa Canario breed due it was included among other breeds the Great Dane, or to accept the black coat without more debate.

    The black coat is included in the Standard of the breed, and not due the arguments that Mr. Martín Bethencourt exposes in his article, the Black coat in the Presa Canario, written after a visceral rage consequence of the reading of mine on the same subject, published in the newspaper El Día (Santa Cruz de Tenerife), in the Italian magazine Canidapresa, and the magazine Todo Perros, and that you can read in my web site, in Spanish or English.

    Sincerely, I dare to say that the content of my article on the black coat in the Presa Canario adjusts to the reality and does not admit discussion, nevertheless the article of Mr. Martín Bethencourt does not resist the most elementary analisis.

    Says Mencey also (with the same rigor), “personally I know most of the old perreros (I imagine that he talks about preseros)… To remember my teacher Juanito…, and the majority are in agreement with the pattern “, (racial? I ask). What majority of old preseros Mencey has known? I invite him to mentions them. And which Juanito he talks about, that he consider his teacher?, and teacher of what?, and Mencey, student of what?, by his declarations, affirmations, critics, censorships, etc. he seem me a student nothing surpassed, little informed, nothing well-meaning, nothing objective, and little lover or sympathizer, of the study and the truth.

    I, indeed, I can speak him of old preseros, without doubt, and at my fifty and four years old (much more than half of them in the Canary Islands and the majority dedicated completely to the Presa Canario), I believe that you are nobody, by your little knowledge or your authority moral (deduced from what I read) to speak about my person in the terms that you do it in the Forum of Mr. Nehuel.

    Respect to the presa that Mencey mentions, to say that Mencey, the champion of Spain, son of Verdugo, have dysplasia, and severe (according to version of the veterinarians that had x-rayed them), just like Tamarán, of Casa del Presa, and Baron II, also of Casa del Presa, and about Abedul is commented that was x-rayed and gave dysplasia, I do not know in what degree, and of Urco I will not say anything because I have not heard that he suffers that disease but I said yes, and written, that is a product of mestization in third or fourth generation with Bullmastif and that he gives tufo (appearance), by his phenotype, his color, his forelegs, his expression, by his lack of temperament, etc. We must not hide this reality, because they are champions (always I say, champions of what?), and one assumes that those champions must be racial prototypes, the example to follow by all the breeders. And what about the morphologic and fenotype differences between the different champions from Spain and their origins, and their varied descendants?”

    “I live in the Canary Islands, concretely in Tenerife, where is Irema Curtó, of Manuel Mora”, Mencey says. My name is not Manuel Mora (Manuel Mora is a man of La Gomera island, writer and publisher, who after buying me a presa Canario puppy for his son was so excited and wrote a booklet titled the Book of the Presa Canario dog). In Tenerife everybody related to the Presa Canario knows that my name is Manuel Curtó Gracia (specially the directors and members of the Spanish Club of the Presa Canario), with national document of identity 78 043 912-J (and you?).

    And in the assumption case that indeed you talk about me, it is clear that you does not know me, neither you has talked with me, nor you has been in my house, nor in my kennels, where I have “some doggies”, of presa, of course.

    For that reason those of the Club loses the ass (excuse me) to cross whit my males, stealthy always and avoiding as far as possible that the thing extends, and soon they register the puppies like offspring of another or other males, is not thus?

    No, Sir…, how are you called?, ah, yeah, Mencey. You know what Mencey means? (I think that you have very little of Mencey, to be a Mencey is necessary to be brave, truthful, integral, objective, impartial, etc. – in the rows of the Spanish Club of the Presa Canario few menceyes militate, believe me -), you do not know me, I repeat, you have nor spoken with me, you have not been in my house, nor in my kennels in where my presas canarios lodge. And about to my reputation in the islands, I dare to say you that here I am know, valued and appreciate for many more people than you, dont keep the minimal doubt, and you knows why?, because I have made much more than you for the Presa Canario and during much more time.

    Nehuel, many thanks and congratulations for your Forum.

Manuel Curtó Gracia 

11 April 2004