Reservation Policy

As experienced breeders, we interact with our puppies daily, observing their behavior and development closely. We aim to breed top-quality dogs, adhering to strict standards, while also catering to our customers’ needs.

Puppies will be delivered in accordance with the waiting list and customer’s preferences, taking into account the descriptions provided. The specificity of the request may affect delivery time. For instance, a request for a dog with a specific color and strong work capacity may take longer than a request for a Presa Canario as a family pet, regardless of its type. It’s important to note that the first choice of the litter is not guaranteed.

We offer a one-year full warranty. All puppies will be delivered at three months of age, having been dewormed, vaccinated against rabies, microchipped, and issued a veterinary health certificate that guarantees they are in perfect health condition. If the dog presents any genetic defects that may prevent it from leading a normal life, we offer a one-time replacement. However, if the customer refuses a replacement when offered, the right to future replacements will be forfeited.

Our dogs have proven parents that have undergone an X-ray of their hips, only accepting those with grades A and B. We breed healthy, functional dogs with good character, following the standard of the Presa Canario dog.

Each dog will come with a Presarve pedigree, indicating that the dog has been selected according to the breeding criteria of the 1989 standard. This is a 100% digital pedigree, and its complete genealogy can be found on

We manage the shipping of the dog to the client’s country of residence. Shipping costs are not included in the cost of the dog and will be paid by the customer. We will choose the best shipping option, balancing cost and the safety of the animal.

Reservation Warning

If a reservation has been made using any payment method and the customer decides not to continue with the process, Irema Curtó Kennels will not refund the amount paid. Dog breeding is a complex process, and we require our clients to be trustworthy and committed to their obligation of having a dog. We advise against making spontaneous decisions; rather, it should be a premeditated one.