Process for buying a puppy from Irema Curtó Kennels

Brief introduction

At Irema Curtó Kennels we have been breeding Perro de Presa Canario since 1975. Manuel Curtó Gracia, the founder of the kennel, was the creator of the breed concept, of the first standard (published in Doggy People magazine at the end of the 70s), the main promoter of the defense of the Presa Canario against the Dogo Canario, responsible for the maintenance of the black coat, author of the most relevant works that exist on the history of the Presa Canario, and more biography that can be seen at this link. More than 2000 specimens have been produced in our kennel, which make up the genetic base of the vast majority of Presas Canarios in the world. We have dogs that have been international monographic champions, family dogs, private security, wild boar hunting, and even working at the military level. Our goal is for the Presa Canario to be the most complete breed in the world, and for each dog produced in our kennel to be a worthy representative of this vision.

Breeding philosophy

We try to have the most demanding selection that can be had in a kennel, since we understand that our dogs must fulfill their guard and protection mission in real settings. For this, we only breed with specimens that stand out in every way: that have a correct morphology, full mouth, coats within the standard, temperament, stable mind, good character. etc. With regard to health tests, we have been doing hip X-rays for 30 years, and breeding only specimens free of hip dysplasia, accepting only grade A and grade B certified by SETOV or AVEPA. To make sure that epigenetics also accompanies us, we feed all our dogs with a Barf diet, and they live in our 15,000 m2 kennel where they share their space with horses. Since they are small puppies, they are given different character tests to validate their natural abilities.

Election process

When trying to get a dog from our kennel, you must understand that you will be getting a dog of the highest quality that exists, and that has a reputation supported worldwide for almost 5 decades. We work with a waiting list, and within this waiting list we work according to the characteristics described by the client. In order for the selection process to be efficient, you must describe the following characteristics in the conversation held for the purchase:

  • Sex: if the puppy will be male or female.
  • Color: you must choose one of the following colors: black, dark brindle, red brindle, golden brindle, light brindle, fawn, sand.
  • Function: whether the dog will be
    • Family dog (dog to be with the family, but that will have a guardian character when the occasion warrants it)
    • Guard dog (dog that will be assigned the protection of an enclosure continuously)
    • Intensive work dog (dog that will be assigned to wild boar hunting, private security, or military)


We will take care of selecting a dog that meets all your needs. The crossing from which we will choose the puppy will also depend on the characteristics described. We will never send you a dog that does not meet his specifications. Depending on the complexity of the features described by you, you will have to wait more or less.

Price and variables

The cost of the specimen will depend on its age, the breeding rights and the degree of training. In all cases, shipping costs will be included in the price of the dog. The prices will be the following:

  • 3-month-old puppy: the price of a 3-month-old puppy is 5,000€ regardless of the puppy’s sex, color and function.
  • 7-month-old dog: the price of a 7-month-old dog with a hip x-ray and that has passed the basic selection process starts at 10,000€ and the price will depend on the specific characteristics of the animal.
  • Trained adult dog: the price of a trained adult dog starts at 60,000€ and the price will depend on the specific characteristics of the animal and the type of training it has. This service works with a separate waiting list, and 30% of the total amount must be paid to make the reservation.
  • Breeding rights: the cost of breeding rights is 1000€. In the event that the client breeds with his dog without having breeding rights, he will not have the possibility of registering his dogs to obtain the pedigree. In the case of wanting to breed, we will select specimens that are genetically compatible.

Payment method

To reserve a 3-month-old puppy, you must make the full payment of 5,000€, in order to avoid problems when the puppy has to be sent. Payment can be made through a digital gateway, or through bank transfer. The data will be provided in the purchase conversation.


All dogs bred at Irema Curtó Kennels will be delivered with the following documentation: European passport, rabies vaccine, external and internal deworming, veterinary examination (according to the fact that the puppy is in perfect condition before traveling), chip and identification tattoo. 

All our dogs have a 100% digital Presarve pedigree, through which you can see more than 40 generations of ancestors, with photos, videos, information and certificates. This pedigree is updatable (you can upload new photos and add relevant information about the dog), and allows participation in events organized by Presarve. The standard that governs this registry is the 1989 Presa Canario Standard, which is the only standard drawn up and approved by all the parties that participated in the creation of the breed.

Shipping management

Once the puppy is ready to ship, it will be delivered by hand to the owner at the airport, or at the client’s home if possible. All shipping costs are included in the price of the dog. In this way, the specimen will be cared for throughout the journey at the stopovers, and ensuring that it is in the best possible conditions.

Genetic guarantee

In the event that the 3-month-old puppy had a genetic disease that prevented it from living a normal life (severe dysplasia, heart problems, deformity), there is a 1-year replacement guarantee, through which we would take care of the delivery of a new puppy of the same or superior characteristics. Although our players have all the necessary guarantees to breed, it never hurts to offer an extension.


We ask our clients to have their word and seriousness. For this reason, the reservations made ARE NOT RETURNED in case the client does not want to continue with the purchase process. Once the client decides to reserve a dog, he can only wait until it is obtained, or clearly reject the continuation of the purchase process, also giving up any payment he may have made. Reservations are not transferable. Breeding with one of our specimens without having breeding rights could incur legal problems.

From the moment you make a payment, you accept the conditions described in this document.