The work of the Presa Canario breeders.

There are two types of breeders, the amateur and the professional, both extremely important in the breeding and selection of dog breeds.

The amateur is one who has a profession, or a job, and who spends part of his free time in raising a breed of dog, or more than one, either as a hobby or for business.

The professional is the one who is dedicated exclusively to the breeding of one or several breeds of dogs, and lives on them. To carry out a good breeding and selection work, extensive knowledge on the subject, and on the breed standard that we produce, and a viable breeding plan are essential. Without these three ingredients, the breeder will not do more than beat the blind, and as a consequence produce dogs without any quality. For this, the study is very important, the study about everything that has to do with dogs, and canids in general, about food, about diseases, about canine genetics, about training, and to practice it, and be clear about what type of training It suits our race based on its capabilities and the utility that we are going to give it.

And ethics, an unethical breeder will have a very negative impact on the breed that he produces. Unfortunately, there are few, in my view, ethical breeders, with good training, concerned about the future of the breed with which they work.

The serious, responsible breeder sets a goal, the ideal to be achieved, which is none other than the quality dog, breed uniformity, etc., which is described in the standard, which, as has already been pointed out, is the guide from the breeder. There is too improvised put into a breeder, too improvised and irresponsible put into a breeder of Presa Canario with the sole purpose of making money in the short term. I remember once in Madrid – many years ago – that a dog merchant, very focused on the subject of shows, told me, look, Curtó, the dog that is becoming fashionable is the Golden Retriever, I buy you all the puppies that you raise and you will see how you make money.

These types of people have done no favors for dog breeds., and less, much less to breeds like the Perro de Presa Canario that is being made.

Another issue to take into account. To breed quality you have to invest in quality. And quality must be sought wherever it is. It is known that I have been raising, for about forty years, German Shepherds from lines of work. I like good shepherds. And I buy in Germany, for breeding, dogs of indisputably good lines. If they are puppies, as they grow I observe them, and if I do not like one, it does not fit into my breeding plan. Outside, it does not work. Only really good ones should be used for reproduction. To breed good Presa Canario dogs, you have to use the best females with the best males. And beware, not all males are suitable for all females.

Manuel Curtó Gracia
Tenerife, December 18, 2014