What do we understand as the "typical" Presa Canario.

Not just a few experts (maybe it would be better to put the word experts in inverted commas) talk about whether it´s typical or not typical this or that Presa Canario in rusticity, or if this or that breed has expression, features, traits, tail, balance, movement, bark, etc., etc., “the Perro Majorero, can´t you see?’, the eyes, the expression. It´s not typical”.

This is the way that some enthusiasts of the breed express their knowledge. Many say that with so much crossbreeding the breed has been lost! It´s not what it used to be!
I have heard this so many times. These people are so sure that the Presa Canario is an ancient breed, of I don´t know how many centuries, but has disappeared after so much cross breeding. Well, there is a wealth of opinion for all tastes, and a great lack of knowledge, inside and outside the Canaries. And so few have read the standard in order to know anything or everything about the breed.

The standard of the Presa Canario is not the ideal guide to understand the history and breeding of the canine breeds that have intervened in its formation. No, in the said standard there is a lot of misleading information, as is the case of most of the canine breeds. We, who have played an active part in the breeding of the Presa Canario have a lot of knowledge. And we are very few who know everything about its genesis. And I am not the one to offer my knowledge. One can only generalize, no more. He who wants to know should go and study. Another very important question to take into consideration with reference to the breed we are discussing, is that it´s still not a finished breed. That is to say that it is still in process of formation and the future will show us which lines or families will be consolidated and which ones will have been eliminated.

The most desirable would be to reproduce the best dogs, from a health and functionality point of view. That is the best standard. And careful with the XXL. The large dog is not exactly the example to follow. The medium sized dog, from my point of view, is the best, it can move well, run, also hunt wild boar if that is what is required. This is my ideal. Along the years I have been able to understand that the medium sized, healthy Presa Canario, with a good temperament and guard dog instinct is the best. It´s true that we don´t always manage to produce such a specimen, I would love it to be true, but that should be the goal.

Manuel Curtó Gracia

Tenerife, 12 December 2014